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Morning Paddles + What to bring

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It's really no secret here that I am absolutely in love with Stand Up Paddle boarding. Over the last few years, I've gotten pretty darn good at it and with practice and focused cross training I've been able to hit some goals I've made along the way. This has made SUP even that much for fun for me.

Early mornings on the lake are sacred moments for this momma, Where the world is barely even awake, the sun has just crested over the ridge. and there is not a soul in site.

As "easy" of a recreational sport SUP can be, it really isn't "just that easy". Once you get into less than ideal conditions, having a good skill base, knowledge and awareness of weather conditions and water safety is hugely important. However when it looks like the photo above, you really have to turn it on to get a great core burn and workout out of it, I'm totally ok with that!

Glassy morning continues at Rimrock Lake. A good effective paddle stroke is so much more core than shoulders.

This particular morning was during my SUP Fitness series. Paddle touring around the islands that stand in the middle off Rimrock Lake, we start with a warm up paddle to the first island.

Forearm planks are one of my most favorite exercises to do on the SUP. Not only do you gain entire body strength but when you tap your toes into the water, it becomes more challenging and refreshing!

By the time we get to the next two, we anchor down and get after it with tababta SUP -style intervals! Being on the water makes you more conscious about your movement and helps awaken and strengthen the finer muscles that don't get worked everyday.

Plus, it's a proven fact that being around water naturally boosts your mood.

After about a 20 minute interval sesh, we load back on the SUP's, take about 3 minutes to get the paddle strokes working again and journey on the rest of the way. By this time, the sun is fully up, beating on our backs. So whether it is 60 degrees out or 80, the warmth is real! Even with the crispness of the morning, when you get moving out on the lake, with the higher elevation and a little kiss from the sun, it won't be long until you are warmed to the core!

Breath taking views from the water, getting ready to finish the final leg of the island tour!

Gear is essential. We live in a society today that makes it so easy to have ALL the stuff ... I really dotry to resist the convenience to "buy buy buy" as much as I can. But having a few staple things along is always smart.

Gear is essential. We live in a society today that makes it so easy to have ALL the stuff ... I try to resist the convenience to "buy buy buy" as much as I can. But having a few staple things along is always smart.

Must Haves


- Water bottle (Hydro Flask is my favorite!)

- Hat

- Sunnies

- Dry Bag

- Sunscreen

- Leash (it's in the dry bag)

- Snacks (I already ate mine!)

- Chapstick

- Phone case on a lanyard


- GoPro

- Anchor

- Phone case on a lanyard

Lets look at some of these a little bit closer ...

First and foremost for safety, plus you are required by law, to have a personal floatation device (PFD). Yes even if you are standing on one, you still need one. I LOVE these waist belts. I picked mine up from Dakine. Slim, easy to paddle with and fully effective when you need them!

This Warrior Sunstick from Jai Ven Skin is my most favorite. So effective and made with only four edible EDIBLE! ingredients ... it's easy to apply or even reapply mid paddle, standing on your board. You can use code Sara20 for 20% discount, try it out for yourself!

I homemake my chapsticks so I can use my essential oils from Young Living and have mass quantity available at all times! (I'll add a post with my favorite recipes here soon.)

And the sunnies! When out on the water I'm fairly particular with my sunnies. They need to be big enough to cover all the eye space, flat enough on the top so when I wear my hat they don't bother each other and polarization is KEY! As a fisherman's daughter, there is no other way to be on the water than to have polarized lenses.

After a kick ass morning workout, paddling nearly 4 miles, getting 20 min of tababta core work in, and disconnecting enough from the everyday hustle ... I let my feet dangle in the cool refreshing water, taking in the views and feeling that all is right in the world and I'm ready to conquer the day!

It's not a far commute to get to the lake and way better to drive towards the mountains rather than into town. I can literally feel any lingering stress peel off of me the closer I get to the water. I try to get personal paddles on the lake at least 2-3 times a week. It helps me stay up on my fitness when I am teaching so many lessons throughout the weekend and makes me a better teacher!

Inspired to make a small drive for some rad fitness this summer? Contact me for the current schedule or to sign up! If class the class schedule doesn't fit for you, let set up a private one on one grab some of your best buddies and make it an adventure together!

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